Atlanta: Can the Health of Your Home Affect Your Family’s Health? Part 1

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All too often, Atlanta families get sick and the illness can be attributed to the health of the home. This examiner will expose some of the most common factors within the home that can cause problems with your family’s health.

Cigarette smoke – Smoking in the home creates an environment filled with carbon monoxide, tar, and nicotine. The more one smokes inside the home, the greater the risk of family members becoming sick from inhaling the toxic particles released into the air. The family’s risk for respiratory illnesses may be influenced on the number of cigarettes smoked per day within the home, and whether or not the cigarette has a filter. Cigarettes without a filter release more toxins into the air.

Parents and family members who smoke regularly in the home may notice that a brown sticky film covers the walls and every surface in the home. Is it difficult to imagine the dark, sticky film that covers the walls, windows, shelves and every other surface in the home will also collect in the respiratory tract of the family members? When this examiner was very young, her parents smoked within the home. This examiner suffered from asthma all year round for several years. It wasn’t until her parents stopped smoking, per the suggestion from the pediatrician that this examiner got well.

Bacteria – The floors of the home can be breeding areas for bacteria. The bathrooms are notorious for having E.Coli bacteria. When the toilets are flushed, there is a big chance that bacteria will be released into the air. The bacteria can land anywhere in the bathroom to the floors to your tooth brushes, and affect the health of the family.

Dust mites – Dust mites may be found in your carpet and on your beds, pillows and bed covers. Dust mites not only live in the carpets and beds, they also live in the air. Dust mites can float around in the air on dust particles; they can be breathed into the respiratory passages of the adults and children in the home and cause illnesses.

There is help: The toxins from cigarette smoke can be eliminated by quitting smoking or going outside the home to smoke. Internal air quality experts in Atlanta can diagnose the problem/s in your home and suggest air purifiers. Storing toothbrushes outside of the bathroom or using a toothbrush sanitizer to keep toothbrushes clean.

To be continued


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