Best Foods for a Healthy New Year

O.k., you know you need to change your eating habits for a healthy New Year ahead, but how do you do that? Eat less? Eat better? Just how do you eat? And, what do you eat? What are the best foods for a healthy New Year? An informative article in this regard from Runner’s World January 2011 issue has a number of positive food choices to give you a great start. The nutrition in these foods will fortify your body, but making these food choices alone will help train you to move forward into a healthy New Year that lasts.

Black Rice

Generally speaking, the darker the color a food has, the more antioxidants and good stuff inherently in it. This food gets it’s dark color from anthocyanins, a dark pigment found in dark berries and other plant foods. Black rice is one of these foods chocked full of iron as well as carbs. This is a hearty and healthy breakfast food if you sweeten it with honey or maple syrup. Start your day with this food, and you’ll be running strong all day. Go ahead and make it a habit!

White Tea

Theanine, an amino acid (part of protein) that reduces anxiety and creates calming brain waves that combat high blood pressure, is prevalent in this type of tea. In comparison to black and green tea, white tea has the market cornered on keeping you on an even keel for more of a peaceful mindset. Sounds like a great alternative to coffee too.

Maple Syrup

For good muscle function you’ll need 2 key nutrients that largely compose a good portion of maple syrup, manganese and zinc. You’ll also have your immune system covered with these nutrients as well, making maple syrup a great alternative sweetener for many things like hot chocolate, or on top of granola, as well as things like almond milk.

Brussel Sprouts

These veggies get a bad rap most of the time, however they are on the top of the list when it comes to nutrient power. Among the healthy qualities of this food is they contain the highest amount of glucosinolates, compounds that help the body to rid itself cancer causing free radicals. These are also a rich source of vitamin C and K.

Making a commitment to change your eating habits for a healthy New Year is as easy as just becoming aware of the many healthy food choices that exist and then making a conscious effort to eat those foods rather than the other standard American foods that contribute to high fat levels as well as possessing little nutrient value. It’s as easy as making a better choice for a healthy New Year that goes the distance.

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