Health Benefits of Coffee

Is coffee good for you or bad for you? It seems that as soon as ample coffee drinking gets the OK, it gets shut down as being an unhealthy beverage to consume. Well, rest assured- in moderate doses coffee has a lot of healthy benefits to the body. Here are some great health benefits of coffee.

The caffeine in coffee not only increases mental clarity and wakes you up in the morning, it’s also great to help with a workout or other athletic activities. The caffeine in coffee gives a boost of energy to allow you to stay physical alert and able longer than without coffee. A study done in Korea at the Institute for Elderly Health in Seoul had participants ride stationary bikes until they were too tired to ride anymore. After exhausting themselves, the participants were each given a large Starbucks coffee, and placed back on the stationary bikes, where they were able to ride much longer the second go-round than the first without the caffeine.

Coffee helps asthma sufferers. According to a report in the Annals of Epidemiology showed that asthma sufferers who drank coffee daily had 29% reduced asthma symptoms than asthma sufferers who didn’t drink coffee at all. Coffee opens up the bronchial tubes, so it is beneficial for colds and flu as well, when the bronchial tubes are narrowed due to inflammation and mucous.

It’s no wonder that many pain relievers contain caffeine to make them more effective. The caffeine in coffee blocks the body’s ability for pain perception, elevates mood, and also acts as a pain reliever by reducing the inflammation in irritated nerves. So drinking coffee for a headache is actually a pain reliever. Drinking coffee with a pain reliever is even better.

So, coffee isn’t all bad, right? Sure, it makes you jittery if you have too much, and it makes you pee a lot, but hey- the next time you get all wired on coffee, take a jog. I bet you run longer than you ever thought you could.

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