Health, Happiness, and Stress Relieving Tips from Ireland

The Irish have long been known for their happiness, optimism, beauty, etc.. They have always ranked near the top in studies that Gage happiness and overall satisfaction with life. This article will reveal some of their secrets passed on from generation to generation. Secrets that keep them strong, happy, and healthy, and now they are available to you too.

Let’s start with the Irish secret for good cheer. Some people think that the fresh sea air might have a lot to do with it because it is charged with negative ions that are proven to make you feel energized and alert. Negative ions not only clear the air of dust so you can get more invigorating oxygen they also help combat depression. In fact exposure to negative ions proved to be just as effective as antidepressants like prozac and zoloft, and without the side effects. So what can we do if we are far from the shore? You can get a dose of negative ions just by taking a shower or get yourself a bubbling mini fountain. The mini fountains are very popular in home decor and can be found almost anywhere.

Next, and one of my favorites, what is the Irish secret for that radiant skin? Apparently the Irish drink more tea than any other country per capita. So why does this help the skin? Well, all tea is full of polyphenols, antioxidants that destroy wrinkle-causing free radicals. Antioxidants also boost blood flow to the skin and keep it hydrated, giving it a gorgeous glow.

The Irish secret for a slim figure is Irish moss, which I had previously never even heard of. It is now being called a miracle diet food. It is a mild seaweed that expands in the stomach so that you feel full fast and it also gives your a thyroid a boost. You can buy dried moss at You can try putting a tbs. into soup or just 1-2 capsules of the herbal supplement a day with meals.

Total well being would seem like the ultimate goal for many of us. The Irish say that natural foods are the secret to this! Meats in Ireland are free of hormones that have been linked to certain cancers, and the fish comes from clean off-water shores. Irish folks also tend to buy things from a farmers market and eat them the same day. This is another reason the Irish are so healthy: since refrigerated produce loses half of their vitamins within one week. Basically fresher foods are tastier and healthier for you also.

The Irish have very strong resilience. What is their secret to this? It may sound silly to us but looking for rainbows and silver linings apparently is the key. Historically Ireland has had its share of troubles, and the weather there can often be rainy and gray. But you can also see rainbows everyday and the clouds are gorgeous. The sky Will be dark and ominous one minute and the next there will literally be a silver lining. And the Irish make a point of being thankful for bright spots and this helps them boost optimism and be able to bounce back quickly from anything.

And finally the Irish secret that I was most curious about. Stress relief! When looking for some stress relief the folks in Ireland turn to animals. Ireland is largely rural and the people there still have plenty of contact with animals. There are horses, cows, and lots of other critters that they credit as a real plus for their mental health. Research shows that just being in the presence of an animal or petting one, a rhythmic , meditative activity, reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

We may not all be able to have the luck of the Irish but thanks to these tips maybe we can enjoy some of the other great aspects of the way they live. For more information on Ireland and the Irish people visit .

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