Healthy Foods for a Healthy New Year

The yearly impulse to diet beginning with New Year’s Day needs to be backed up with solid planning if you are to succeed this year. Start by stocking up on healthy, and versatile foods that will be easy on your waistline and simple to prepare.

1. Boneless, skinless chicken breast

Boneless, skinless chicken breast should be a staple in any health household. Because of its high protein nutrition, chicken breast is a very healthy meat for everyone. It can be cooked in a number of ways, but for the healthiest choice try grilling it.

Grilled chicken can then be add to vegetables for a stir-fry, to a nice salad for extra protein, or can be eaten cold in a sandwich. Chicken is incredibly versatile, overwhelmingly well liked and a great option for healthy cooking.

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2. Vegetables

Obviously vegetables are necessary to a balanced diet. You have options of how to purchase and use them. Fresh vegetables are best, but often spoil before they are used, especially if you are just getting used to eating healthy. Frozen vegetables can be a great option too. Or you can buy fresh and freeze any that you haven’t used after a couple of days.

3. Salad

Salad doesn’t have to be boring, but one thing it can be is fast. Buying prepared salads in plastic bags is a great trick for quick and healthy eating. Salads can be the main course, with some healthy protein like chicken or shrimp added, or can be a side dish to accompany soup. Plus the lettuce can be added to sandwiches or wraps. Very versatile, very healthy and very easy.

4. Egg substitute

Egg substitutes, like Egg Beaters, are a great option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. High in protein and low in fat, egg substitutes can be made into omelettes, or can be substituted for eggs in other recipes like cakes and muffins. Omelettes in particular are very easy to make and offer a great opportunity to add in veggies like peppers and tomatoes.

5. Full-fat Milk

Full fat milk, if you can handle dairy, is great because of its higher fat, high calcium nature. It also provides protein, and can be a great after workout beverage. Full-fat milk, drunk instead of high caloric drinks like sodas, can result weight loss without even trying!

Having a good basis for many healthy meals can make eating healthy much easier. Knowing you have good options waiting at home will prevent you from hitting the drive-through on your way and will keep you moving towards your weight loss goal.

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