The Many Health Benefits of Walking

Walking isn’t just about keeping those few stubborn pounds at bay. There are far more advantages to walking than you may realize. It is known that blockages and general malfunction of our major internal organs can be attributed to a a stagnant lifestyle.

Looking at this more closely, we see that from simply taking a short walk, a series of miraculous events are occurring in our bodies.

the heart rate is a more healthy pace

more blood is delivered throughout the body including the muscles and the brain

oxygen is dispersed throughout the body more efficiently

our muscles burn fat

our immune system is enhanced

essential nutrients are being delivered to the brain

our lung capacity is increased

blood pressure is reduced

bone health is promoted

depression and anxiety are alleviated or can disappear altogether!

Of course there are far more advantages, too numerous to list. But looking at this short list of benefits relevant to each of the major systems of the body, we can readily see a cause and effect factor in play.

The High Cost Of Health Insurance:

If your insurance company called later today and bumped your premiums $100 per month, it is fair to assume you would be less than amused.

Yet people who don’t incorporate some physical component into their lifestyles are more destined to become ill from countless numbers of conditions which are 100% preventable simply by getting 30 minutes of daily exercise. If you are confined to a wheelchair, similar alternatives are available, but get moving the best way you can.

The choice is yours, higher medical insurance payments, doctor bills and medication, illness and feeling bad, or a free 30 minutes excercise each day.

Every benefit walking can give you will greatly reduce the need for frequent doctor visits. If you pay out monthly for medication to maintain healthy blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, or any anti depressants, you will already know the pain that is associated with delving into your pocket book. Now, try it again without prescription benefits and watch the cost soar to where you simply cannot afford to buy it. Will you survive or become another statistic? The number of people without health care in this country alone is at almost epidemic proportion. At the time of this writing, an estimated 47 million Americans do not have any health insurance whatsoever. With the cost of an unplanned trip to the emergency room at an approximate $700 to $1000, depending on the nature of the visit and an added X-Ray, followed by a prescribed medication and you will understand at least the financial necessity of taking care of yourself.

The Mayo Clinic offers a great 10 week walking planner which starts off at just 30 minutes per day. I recommend visiting their site to see how it works.

If you’d like to get a free pedometer, take the pledge to be healthier. You’ll also get some healthy recipes and even coupons to use when making your new healthier food choices.

*I am not a licensed medical physician, please consult your Doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine.

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