Modified Citrus Pectin: Risks Associated with Managing Colon Health

Healthcare demands are expected to rise as we age and often the conditions we seek treatment for are conditions we can naturally treat at home. If you are about to enter into the retirement phase of your life, and if you are looking for ways to minimize your healthcare costs, you may be inclined to utilize natural supplements including the use of pectin for colon health. Before doing so, however, it is important to know what risks are associated with modified citrus pectin supplements.

Natural supplements, such as modified citrus pectin, can be purchases without a prescription through many alternative medicine, vitamin, or naturopath shops. Because these types of supplements do not require a prescription, they are typically not controlled by the FDA so claims about their health benefits may not be substantiated. With modified citrus pectin, the supplement is often touted as a way for older adults to maintain good colon health without the need for colon cleansing therapy.

While these claims about modified citrus pectin may be true, there are also health risks associated with using this natural fruit supplement. In older adults who have a cholesterol complication, and who utilize cholesterol-managing drugs, the use of modified citrus pectin may actually decrease the absorption of your medication – resulting in poor cholesterol management.

In addition to cholesterol drug complications, if you are suffering from any type of metabolic disorder or nutritional deficiency, modified citrus pectin may further complicate these conditions. Because pectin decreases the absorption of minerals, including zinc, iron, and calcium, your health may be adversely affected by using this natural supplement for colon health.

Before starting any natural supplementation regimen, it is important to speak with your physician about the risks and benefits. If you are looking for a more natural way to manage your colon health, and keep healthcare costs down later in life, your doctor may be able to provide other options that will not have the same risks as modified citrus pectin.

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