Prenatal Diet for Good Nutrition During Pregnancy

One of the first things you can do to insure the health of your unborn baby is to learn all you can about proper prenatal diet. Good nutrition is vital when it comes to properly developing human tissue and to help prevent pregnancy complications. Many women question what foods are safe during pregnnacy and which foods will provide the best nutrition for a growing fetus and the needs of a pregnant body. Many magazines and websites address the questions pregnant women have about the prenatal diet.

This is an excellent website for pregnant women to explore the pregnancy diet. The site explores the needs of the pregnant body, the role of good nutrition and specifically what foods are important to include in the pregnancy diet and the benefits they provide. Pregnant women can learn about the importance of iron in the pregnancy diet, how to avoid constipation and why it is necessary to include protein, fat and the proper amount of calories in your prenatal diet.

This website explains the important ingredients of a pregnancy diet such as why the diet needs to address the need for folic acid in the prenatal diet. It also talks about receiving enough iron, and why calcium and vitamin D are also important parts of a healthy prenatal diet. The section that I found most interesting was the one on dietary cautions during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman needs to know not only which foods are good to eat but what foods should be avoided while pregnant. This website explains about artificial sweeteners, seafood, caffein and herbal teas and why pregnant women should take caution around these dietary items.

Baby Magazine

There is a section in the magazine and on the website that addresses the issues concerning prenatal diet. Pregnant women can discover a healthy eating plan that includes pregnancy weight guidelines and it also discusses the topic of pregnancy cravings. I found a section on Food Safety 101 that discusses eating fish while pregnant and gives readers 5 tips for safer pregnancy eating.

FitPregnancy Magazine and

FitPregnancy is my go-to magazine for pregnancy information. As a mom and writer on the topic of pregnancy I look for sources of high quality that contain information of relavancy to the topic of prenancy. FitPregnancy contains many topics important to pregnant women including and excellent section on pregnancy nutrition. Currently pregant women can find topics being discussed about pregnancy super foods, soy safety, the prenatal diet, and the top 10 nutrition blunders made by pregnant women.

Nutrition During Pregnancy Resource List

The Food and Nutrition Information Center of Beltsville, MD has a Nutrition During Pregnancy Resource List that they put out in September of 2010. It includes books, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, fact sheets, and websites that contain information about prenatal diet and pregnancy nutrition. This resource is available by pdf located HERE. The list includes a description of each resource, author and when appropriate the website to find the resource. You will find information and resources about food safety, general pregnancy, fitness tips, as well as diabetes and pregnancy.

The prenatal diet and proper nutrition during pregnancy are important for the good health of the baby and for the pregnant mom. Many health issues are directly related to diet which makes it vital that women understand just how important it is to get the facts about what makes up a proper prenatal diet. Women are finding the benefits of seeking out proper diet before conceiving to help insure the health of their future child. Good prenatal diet resources are available through prenancy magazines, and pregnancy websites.

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