Signs of Depression

Depression isn’t always as easy to recognize as one might think. Sometimes it is circumstances that bring on depression. Perhaps the loss of a job, a major move, stress, death of a loved one, marital or relationship problems or even health conditions can wreck havoc on ones mental state. When do you decide it is just a phase or something more?

Do you find yourself feeling out of sorts? Has your routine changed? You know, you get up everyday make your bed, eat breakfast, perhaps run a few errands before lunch, but now, your bed is unmade and the breakfast you would have eaten, is now a donut while you lay on the couch and watch television. You can’t seem to find the interest you once had in much of anything. In general, your life revolves around much of nothing. It isn’t just one thing, it’s everything. You can’t put your finger on it and when asked what is wrong, you can’t say.

Do your friends or family mention any differences in your behavior? Perhaps your spouse has noticed a decrease in sex drive? These are signs of depression. They can come on slowly or hit you all at once. It isn’t always like it is in the movies, when they show someone curled up in a ball in a dark room, constantly thinking of suicide. Depression can sneak up on you and you never saw it coming. We all want to think of ourselves as strong and that it could never happen to us, but it does. Thoughts of suicide is the huge red flag some people get with depression, but it can be much more subtle things are signs also.

Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to obtaining help. Some things can be overcome, obtaining a new job after losing one, a new relationship might snap you out of it. But, not all solutions are so simple. Of course, there are health conditions that can cause depression also, such as, diabetes, or perhaps a thyroid condition which can cause hormonal imbalances. It can be as simple as, a change in medication or a new medication you have started taking. Whatever the cause, treatment should be sought.

Depression doesn’t have to take over your life. Recognizing the signs is great beginning to overcoming the problem. Talk with your health care provider if you have one. If not, seek help from a family member or close friend. There are many places in the phone book listed under mental health, that are willing to help also.

Depression is something that does not always go away by itself. Never be ashamed to ask for help. Remember, you are not the first person to have depression and you won’t be the last. Get yourself on the road to better health today.

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