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The Best Mental Health Blogs

Blogs are becoming a valuable source of information on the Internet. Mental health blogs are a great way to attain information on mental health concerns, mental illness, and research being done in the field of psychology. The blogs I list in this article are the ones I believe to be the best mental health blogs on the Internet today.

The Wall Street Journal’s Mental Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal’s mental health blog is a great source of information on the most up-to-date research being done in the field of psychology. The author of this journal describes psych studies and news very well. However, this journal lacks information about mental illnesses.

You can visit the Wall Street Journal’s Mental Health Blog by clicking on this link: http://blogs.wsj.com/health/category/mental-health/.

Dr. Deb: Psychological Perspectives: Dr. Deb is an active psychologist who shares interesting tidbits about psychology in her blog. She not only covers current research, but she also informs her readers of mental health awareness days and posts fun psych activities for her readers to do, such as sharing what they see in a homemade ink blot.

To see Dr. Deb’s blog, please visit: http://drdeborahserani.blogspot.com/.

Mental Health Manual: I must admit I am a little bias about this blog, as it is my own. In my blog, I discuss the signs and symptoms of different mental illnesses, review recent research, and offer resources to individuals struggling with mental illness. I also discuss issues such as abuse and trauma. Additionally, I provide information for families and friends of those suffering with mental illness, so that they may be able to help their loved ones in the most effective way possible.

To view Mental Health Manual, please visit: http://mentalhealthmanual.blogspot.com.

Mind Hacks: Mind Hacks is another great blog that reviews psychological research. Mind Hacks is a well-established blog, and is updated daily.

To view Mind Hacks, please visit: http://www.mindhacks.com/.

Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression Treatment: This blog not only focuses on reviewing studies that deal with anxiety, depression, and addiction, but it also reviews studies that focus on other mental illnesses. This blog provides detailed summaries of studies and news stories in psychology.

You can access this blog by visiting: http://www.treatmentonline.com/treatments.php.

EnteruptingMind: EnteruptingMind is a blog that offers practical advice for self-improvement. The site offers self-improvement articles on subjects such as creativity, dealing and interacting with other people, fear, setting goals, sleep, living mindfully, self-esteem, accepting yourself, and conflict resolution.

To access this blog, please visit: http://www.eruptingmind.com/.

Mental health blogs are a viable source of mental health information on the web. These blogs will help you keep up-to-date on mental health research, news, mental illness information, and resources.