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Review of Quaker Mini Delights Caramel Drizzle

The newest movement is attempting to eat healthy to loose weight or the extreme measure of Gastric Bypass Surgery or Lap Band to reduce body mass. Myself personally, I am not real sure of altering the body I was given, not to say I’m excited about the way I look. But let’s face it we all can’t look like Barbie®.

My husband and I decided right after the first of the year that we needed to find a way to get the pounds off. I started by cutting back on the amount of food that I serve at our meals and choosing the healthier options that are available. I rinse the hamburger before finishing any dish to remove the excess fat from the meat. I measure portions and insure every meal has a vegetable and cut out all most all desserts. This is great but it left my husband with a strong feeling of being hungry every night after getting up from the table. Enter here the need for a low fat healthy snack that tastes good.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but we tried the weight loss shakes, or meal replacement shakes and those things are just nasty. The only thing they could effectively do is turn you against eating all together. So I started purchasing these new 90 Calorie Packs from the Quaker Company®. These things are great, a little small but that’s because they are portioned to help you loose weight and gain control of eating habits. I purchased the Caramel Drizzle, Bit Sized Light Crispy Multigrain Cakes, now my first thought was multigrain cakes yuck, but I was very pleasantly surprised. They have just the right amount sweetness and don’t taste like you are chewing on a Styrofoam cup. The next test, the kid test, they love them. They ask for more everyday and eat them quicker than we do. I found I really enjoy this healthy snack alternative. This product comes in many flavors in addition to the Caramel Drizzle and is very reasonably priced.

During the same visit to the grocery, I purchased the Quaker Rice Cakes® in Chocolate and Caramel flavors. Now while not intended to be eaten as a meal I enjoyed them for breakfast and snacking throughout the day. They are a wonderful product that I would highly recommend and plan on purchasing again. You can find all the information you need at www.Quakeroats.com .