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A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Consider the following hypothetical scenario: You have been experiencing annoying medical symptoms for a prolonged period of time now an have made the decision to seek medical attention not only for relief, but for reassurance and assessment or diagnosis which should explain these symptoms.

But at the same time, you are reluctant to do so.

Because you have a primary care doctor, and it’s an unpleasant experience each time you visit there. You call the office and, after waiting on the phone for a lengthy period of time, you finally find yourself having a dialogue with an employee there who appears apathetic and unpleasant, with a hint of joy when this person informs you that you will have to wait two weeks until an appt. with your doctor can be done. Does not matter, really, because you are reluctant to go to the doctor’s office anyway. Once you enter there, you’ll experience an over-crowded lobby that includes medical representatives who will take up even more of the time of your doctor, which means that your time will be stolen from you. Equally aggravating is that your doctor over-booked his clinic day with deliberate intent to correct a problem that does not exist yet, which is patients either not showing up or cancelling thier appointments with your doctor. Considering what has been said, can you blame such patients if they do this?

Your vexed and disappointed, yet somewhat desensitized due to experiencing this carelessness in the past. Alternative choices now regarding your symptoms are possibly urgent care or an emergency room- both of which are terribly expensive and ridiculously time-consuming. So get use to the mystery of your medical ailments and the discomfort, right?

Wrong. Enter convenience care clinics. Find one and go to it. You will be refreshed at what you experience because of the following:

1. Thier intrinsic drive begins with thier focus on you, and you never have to make an appointment at such clinics. Walk in, and let the examination begin.
2 You should feel amazingly comfortable as you begin your discussions with your health care provider, as you sense that this person truly does
believe he or sh is responsible for your medical care, and not you, as has been the case in the past. The provider examines you which, in your case, is an annoying case of a runny nose. Possibly, had I seen my primary care doctor for this, my symptoms would probably increase, involving maybe a headache, or anxiety, or both.

Since you have a history of seasonal allergies, this symptom has occured in the past with you. The provider informs you that your diagnosis is
called rhinorrhea, not to be confused wth diarrhea, and can treat you medicinally to provide relief with you. Now the provider does something
you have never experienced with your own doctor. This person actually provides you with counseling and recommendations to prevent this
ordeal in the future. A clinician who actually cares about my well-being. How unusual.

3. By the way, convenience care clinics usually have a nurse practitioner diagnosing and treating you. Thier title is irrelevant, as thier treatment
success is comparable with any doctor. At the same time, however, if this clinician suspects your medical issues are more severe than you
imagined, they are fully prepared to get you in front of one who can fully treat you quickly and thoroughly. This happens with about 10 percent of
patients seen at these types of clinics.

4. Statistically as well, the cost of your visit at a convenience care clinic is typically about 25 percent less than a primary care doctor visit, and the
clinics and NPs are not compelled like so many other doctors affiliated with some hospital to perform unnecessary testing on you or to over-
treat you, which ultimately not only restores your heath, but restores your faith in what is possible with health care, perhaps.

Finally, and in summary, the access and value at these clinics are great. More fufilling for many, I imagine, is the patient’s impression of thier provider
and thier thoroughness in treating you rapidly, which now is proven not to be all that difficult after all.

Author’s note: I’ve been employed in a variety of medical settings that expands two decades. With all honesty, I respect and think highly of most doctors, who I believe truly care about thier patients, yet are coerced to be limited in thier actions and feelings towards thier patients because of the health care system’s toxic enviornment presently. Thank you for reading thisl