Vitamin C for Kid Keeps the Doctor Away

I thought it appropriate to share with everyone a good way (that has worked for us) to help you keep your children healthy. As you know from previous articles, I have five children and they are all very active. I have two in school, and they constantly exposed to germs. I must say the school does do a pretty good job of fighting germs, with Clorox wipes and making the kids use tissues, and wash their hands before lunch, but sometimes that is just not enough.

With three little children at home, I am constantly worried about germs, and keeping the children healthy. My oldest is in fourth grade now, and he has never missed a day of school, we have the certificates to prove it. My second oldest in two years has never missed a day. I feel school is very important to their up bringing, and do not like them to miss school, so we must stay healthy, missing school they can fall behind on assignments, and it can be difficult to catch up. So it important not to miss school.

What we do every morning is set out a children’s multi-vitamin, and a children’s vitamin C, and we give each child one of each. This has helped them from getting sick along with a proper diet. Don’t get me wrong they still get the sniffles from time to time, but after taking their vitamins they always seem to perk up and feel better, much quicker.

With today’s foods we are just not getting the proper supplement’s / nutrients that we can get from a good program. Diet is also a very important part of your children’s health. Please consult with a doctor, on a proper diet for your children.

I hope this is helpful, and I would highly recommend from my experiences to put your children on a good vitamin regiment, however, please consult with your doctor before beginning any vitamin programs for your children.

Good day to all

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