Walking for Good Health

Walking for good health

Walking daily has a lot of benefits. It helps you get in control of yourself. It reduces the chances of diabetes, cancer and heart attack. It helps to keep them in check should you already be suffering from any of these. Yes, even those who have had heart attack before can take up walking.

In fact, doctors allow the heart patients to slow walk before getting discharged. Walking helps to dissolve fats, improve the circulation of blood and gives a boost to your sexual life. Walking helps improve our moods and suppress anxiety and fear. And above all, its free. Moreover, It improves the overall lifestyle.

Walk regularly, preferable at the same time everyday. Pick a time to walk. Preferably mornings. Our body is stiff early in the morning. A walk would loosen it up and allows allow fresh oxygen to flow which lifts our health. Be disciplined and wake up 30 minutes early to accommodate this new sport. If mornings are a hassle, pick any time that is suitable for you. However, make sure you get 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted walk.

Walk in a pollution free environment. Parks are ideal. Beaches are also welcome. If you prefer walking on a thread mill, make sure the air con is turned off.

Warm up. It is important to tell your body what you are up to. This would signal to get ready for the rush. Start with rolling your hands forward and backward. Move your head from side to side. Take deep breaths. Otherwise, start with a slow walk, gradually increasing speed. Exercise every prts of your body. Swing your arms from side to side while walking. Vary the steps you take. Long strides, short strides, 2 lefts 1 right etc. Smile. Work your jaws.:D.

Always follow up the walk with a relaxing exercise. Deep breathing exercises are the best. Remove all air, exhaling from our body followed by inhaling and holding. Repeat for a few times. 5-10 minutes are ideal for a relaxation.

Never strain yourself. Always start slow, allow your body to adjust and gradually increase the speed. Never wear heals or slippers when you go walking.Invest in a good walking or jogging shoes. It is very important to protect your feet. The strain on your legs are immense as you work out. Hence, do not let up on this one.

It is evident that you will feel pain the first time and subsequent walks. However, this is your body getting used to the routine. Should you let up at the first pain, you will never be able to religiously follow it through and take walking up as a regular exercise. Endurance is the key. Even after a month of regular walking you feel the pain, do consult your doctor.

Do not wear clothes that hinder movement. Wear comfortable and preferably, cotton clothing. This helps the body to breathe and helps with the sweat.

Don’t drink water or health drinks immediately after a workout. Allow yourself to relax first. Give yourself 10-15 minutes. Wait till you unwind and do your deep breathing exercise before quenching your thirst.

As with any other form of exercises, care should be taken. If you feel nauseated, giddy, heart ache or temporary blindness, stop walking. Consult your doctor immediately to diagnose the symptoms. Get a go-ahead from the doctor before continuing with the walk.

Patients who have suffered heart attacks should take extra precaution. Never walk on inclines or steps. Always walk on flat surface. Monitor your speed. Should you feel that you are unwell (breathlessness) during or after walk, place a Sorbitrate pill under your tongue for immediate relief and consult your doctor immediately.

There you have. After a 30 minute walk, and the 10 minute deep breathing exercise, a new you, ready to face the day, confidently.

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